Com_nav Class A AIS Transceiver from
Voyager X3
Compact single box design.
NMEA 2000 standard
for marine networking.
Advanced technological design


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Digital-Yacht Class A Transceiver from
The CLA-1000 is a fully approved
Class A transponder that meets all IMO requirements. MED Wheel Marked.
Global 2 year warranty


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McMurdo Class A AIS Transceiver from
"Smartfind" M5
"Smartfind" M5 AIS Class A transponder
is packed with powerful features.
It is the first to include an AIS MOB
and AIS SART alarm function.


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FA170 is a Class A AIS Transponder
with a 4.3" Color LCD Display.
It displays AIS-equipped vessels,
AIS-SART's, coastal stations,etc.


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The Simrad V5035 is a fully featured
Class A AIS transponder system,
IMO type approved for use aboard
SOLAS vessels.


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KAT-330 wheel marked IMO Transceiver.
Advanced features & professional performance
for SOLAS and sub-SOLAS class vessels,
workboats and high-end yachts.


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Digital-Yacht A100 Class B AIS from
This value priced, entry level
AIS receiver is Digital Yacht's
most cost effective solution
for adding AIS to your PC.


Si-Tex SAS-300 Class B AIS Transceiver from
The SAS-300 is a complete Class B AIS system
designed for simple to use management,
control and display of all AIS targets
within VHF range.


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Icom MA-500TR Class B AIS Transceiver from
Designed for Non- SOLAS vessels,
the MA-500TR is a compact, waterproof
Class B AIS transponder that actively increases
your safety at sea.


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